Sydelle's Story

Eight years ago, I moved to NYC to work as a fashion designer. A bold industry with some of the most talented people I have ever met in my life. I was inspired by brilliant designers and helped to create regular runway collections. 

Classically trained as a fashion designer; I've always loved rich colors and textiles. The things I loved about fashion were bleeding into interior design. I needed to explore design through home textiles and I fell in love with interior design. When I made the shift to become a home buyer, interior design rapidly became a part of my daily life.

The interior design requests were coming in and I loved it! I decided to take a chance on this new passion and Sydelle Interiors was born. Nothing is more fun then bring joy into someone's home.

The goal is to balance what you want and need with what works for your lifestyle. Ultimately leaving you with love and comfort in your home. It's YOUR space and I want to help bring out your style!